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Weekly news letter- week ending Friday 4th May 2018.

Today our Year 11’s had their final assembly ahead of the formal written GCSE examinations starting on 14th May.  Mr Quinn and Mrs Davidson outlined the examinations process including the rules and regulations in which exams need to be conducted.  Thank you for your continued support in reiterating these very specific but necessary instructions to ensure that all students can sit their examinations.   Please ask your child to share with you their individual timetable.  It was explained to all students that all morning examinations start at 9.00am prompt and all afternoon examinations start at 1.00pm prompt.  Copies of the general guidance will be emailed home and all students have been encouraged to check the seating plans for each exam in plenty of time. 


Well done to the French GCSE students on their prompt attendance for their Speaking tests and the amount of preparation and hard work that some of them have clearly put in. Huge thank you to Ms Samy, Mrs Macfarlane and Mrs Shelton for all their efforts and the significant amount of time they have given to the students to help them in the lead up to the tests and for making them run so smoothly. Next week we are doing the Spanish exams and all the pupils have been given their times for the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - any questions, please email Mr Williams directly. Buena suerte a todos.