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Academy Uniform

Following the recent announcement by the Government to allow a partial re-opening of some shops, Uniform Direct have been able to offer a limited opening of their stores. Please see the attachment at the foot of this page for full details. May we remind you to always check before travelling to avoid disappointment. The following guidance is still correct:

  • Uniform Direct will continue to offer all parents the opportunity to order online.
  • We recommend that any parents wishing to make contact with us directly should do so initially by email through  
  • We have taken off the delivery charge for all orders over £25 to further assist those parents who wish to purchase uniform online during this period.
  • There will be regular updates on our website as further announcements are made by the Government.

Please be assured that they are fully stocked with uniform ready for the September 2020 intake and schools and parents can be confident that all of this year’s stock has either arrived already or is due to arrive with us very shortly, the global situation has not affected us as we always order early to ensure all products are fully stocked in advance for our schools and parents.

Essential Equipment

All students must ensure that they have the following equipment with them every day:

  • Pencil case
  • Black or blue writing pens
  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Colouring pencils
  • Scientific calculator (Casio fx 83 or 85 'GT plus' is recommended)
  • Planner
  • Reading book
  • Glue stick


The expectation is that students wear their uniform correctly and with pride when travelling to and from the Academy.

On Educational Visits, if non-uniform is permitted, students should wear smart trousers or skirts and appropriate tops, shirts or blouses with no offensive logos. It should be remembered that on such excursions the students are representing the Academy and their appearance should reflect that.

The Academy discourages students from wearing high-value items of clothing/jewellery or bringing expensive technology onto site. Should they choose to do this, they do so at their own risk. 

Uniform – Compulsory Items


Navy blue with Academy badge*

From August 2020 students will be given a House Badge by the Academy to wear on their blazer. This will be a compulsory part of their uniform. 


Belvoir Academy kilt/skirt (this should be purchased long enough to allow for growth; those reaching 10cm above the knee will be deemed too short).


Plain black (straight, classic style – no stretch fabrics, turn ups or flairs). No denim. Trousers should not be cropped (there should be no gap between the bottom of the trouser and the shoe).


Priory Belvoir tie (worn so that there is no gap between the top of the trousers/skirt and the bottom of the tie).


Plain white with a stiff collar to button up to the neck (no polo shirts).


Plain black (no trainer or ‘invisible’ socks).


Black with flat or low heels (less than 5 cm from where the heel joins the shoe). No platform or ballet style shoes. Shoes must be of a solid construction, polish able and suitable for a busy academy environment. Boots and trainers are not permitted.

Academy bag

Should be suitable for a school environment.

Uniform – Optional Items


V-necked jumper. Plain dark grey. 


Must be an outdoor coat. Hooded tops are not permitted.


Black tights or flesh coloured tights.


Earrings must be studs (only one stud per ear).

In some practical subjects, e.g. PE, earrings will need to be removed. Therefore, students must ensure they have their ears pierced with sufficient time for the wounds to heal so that earrings can be taken out. Plasters may not be worn to cover earrings.


Students may wear a watch. No jewellery is to be worn in the eyebrows, nose, tongue or any other body piercing.

If smart watches are worn during the Academy day then they should be disconnected from mobile phones. Smart watches are not permitted to be worn in examinations.

Hair bobbles / Alice band / Hair slides

Navy blue or the colour of the hair, plain in style.

Hair styles

Hair should be smart and safe for a working environment. Any long hair may be required to be tied back at a member of staff’s discretion. Extreme hairstyles (as decided by the Academy) are not permitted: e.g. no tram lines/edges/steps.

Hair colour must be natural and one shade throughout.

Muslim Hijab

If worn it must be navy blue.


Key Stage 3 students (Year 7-9) are not allowed to wear make-up except in exceptional circumstances where light foundation will be permitted to disguise skin complaints. Key Stage 4 students are allowed to wear discrete make-up. The Academy will be the arbiter of the term ‘extreme’.


Acrylic (false) nails and nail polish are not permitted.

PE Kit - Indoor

Academy polo shirt*

Academy shorts or plain black shorts (not navy)

Academy skort

White ankle socks

Clean indoor trainers

PE Kit – Outdoor (As Indoor kit but can include)

Plain black tracksuit bottoms

Plain black sports leggings

The Academy Rugby top

The Academy Outdoor top (optional)

Outdoor trainers

For rugby and football, boots needs to be worn along with Academy royal blue OR Academy hoop sports socks

Shin pads and gum shield (optional for rugby and hockey)





Click on the picture above for a larger version.
Download a printable version of the Boys' Uniform.
Click on the picture above for a larger version.
Download a printable version of the Girls' Uniform.



Please see both of the documents below which outline acceptable and unacceptable footwear as part of the academy uniform.


Online Version


Download and print versions
Acceptable Footwear
Unacceptable Footwear


Uniform Direct and choose 'find your school', choose 'secondary school' and search Priory Belvoir.

Uniform Direct are the only supplier to stock our rebranded academy uniform items.