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Changes to Legislation on Holiday during Term Time

Previously legislation allowed Head Teachers the discretion to grant leave of absence for family holidays during term time of up to 10 days in ‘special circumstances’ and this is what we have been adhering to.

Unfortunately, recent changes to this legislation means that, from 1st September 2013, Head Teachers may not grant any leave of absence unless there are exceptional circumstances.

This will mean that parents will no longer be permitted to remove their children during term time for a family holiday; if they do any such absence will be unauthorised.

The expected percentage attendance for a student in secondary school is 95%.  In order for your child to achieve this figure they would need to have less than 10 days absence over the academic year.

Below are the links to the government website regarding these changes and a FAQ link.

There is an academy proforma for any family who wish to apply to take their child out of academy during term time.