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Our mission is to ensure that all students at the Priory Belvoir Academy develop the skills and personal attributes to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens who are fully prepared for modern life.

At Key Stage 3, our students develop an inquisitiveness for learning through an engaging, challenging and vibrant curriculum. Years 7 and 8 lay the foundations for lifelong learning through a focus on the development of key skills and concepts in all subject areas. This is supported by an excellent pastoral system which encourages a holistic approach to student learning, including personal and cultural awareness. This is supplemented by our ‘Peacock Pride’ award system that encourages students to fully engage in all aspects of school life. In this way Priory Belvoir’s curriculum is broad, rich and varied. Also all students have access to a rich extra-curricular programme which aims to foster individual talents and interests.

Key Stage 4 is designed to ensure that all learners have a right to follow a pathway which supports their talents and interests. From the foundations laid in KS3, students will develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of subjects which support their future ambitions. Our options range from purely academic subjects to quality vocational provision, affording students the opportunity to opt into either, or a combination of these pathways.