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The motto of The Priory Belvoir Academy is Opportunity and Achievement for All and this is the cornerstone of the curriculum we offer our students.

We offer an inspiring curriculum to develop the core values of the Priory Federation of Academies Trust: Wisdom, Curiosity, Generosity, Courage and Passion. Our varied, balanced curriculum aims to spark interest, encourage independent thought and broaden horizons, compelling every student to engage and excel.

Our broad curriculum offer is underpinned with strong academic elements but gives ample time for practical and creative subjects to produce rounded individuals with many talents. The philosophy of our rich programme of study is supported across the school by our Peacock Pride rewards, recognition and values system that recognises endeavour within the formal curriculum and outside of it, including all manner of extra-curricular activities.

We believe a ‘knowledge-engaged’ curriculum is central to fulfilling our aims for our students. This means that each subject focuses on building a body of essential knowledge alongside the key skills necessary to unlock these concepts. Learning is intentionally sequenced by our teachers with a logical progression of knowledge to enhance the interconnected nature of these core concepts and develop a fuller understanding of the subject as a whole. A range of adaptations seek to ensure that our inclusive curriculum meets the needs of all learners. Various types of assessment are used purposefully throughout the year to develop learners’ abilities, facilitate retention of knowledge and allow for personalised feedback and support. 

In building pathways for our students from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 and into life beyond the academy, we offer our students subjects that learners of all abilities and localities can engage with. Our intention is for every student who attends our academy to increase their cultural capital to become valuable citizens of the world, and we endeavour to achieve this through our curriculum and through the wider opportunities that life at Priory Belvoir offers.