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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a place?

You will have been send either a paper form or an electronic link from your local authority to complete for your Year 6 child who will be moving to secondary education next September.   

If for whatever reason you have not received the relevant paperwork or link, please get in touch with your host local authority.

Each local authority has a page specifically for school admissions and this is generally under the EDUCATION section on their websites. 

You will need to put The Priory Belvoir Academy as first choice. 


How many places are there in Year 7?

Our Pupil Admission Number (PAN) for Year 7 is 130 places.  Due to high demand and by agreement with the local authority, we have agreed to take an additional 10 places over our PAN taking our total admission number for Year 7 to 140 students. 


When is the deadline for secondary places?

The closing date for secondary school applications is 31 October 2023. We would urge all parents to make their application in good time to allow for any potential postal delays (if you are using a paper form) or any system issues if you are using the electronic application form.


When will I know that I have been successful?

The results for the September 2023 secondary school applications will be made on the national secondary school offer day - 1 March 2024.  If you apply online for your child’s school place, you will receive an email from the local authority.  If you apply by post you will receive a letter from the local authority by 1st class post on 1 March 2024. This may take up to 5 days to arrive.


What will happen once I have been offered my place?

Once your place at The Priory Belvoir Academy has been allocated, you will need to accept it as quickly as possible (there will be instructions in the email from the local authority or in your offer letter).  Accepting your place quickly is very important as once you have done this, we as a school can start to communicate with you and get the more detailed admissions process underway.   Ideally, you should accept your place within the first week of March.  This then allows us to start our transition process with your child’s primary school.


How does the transition process work?

We are highly experienced in working with students, parents and primary schools to ensure the smooth transition from Year 6 to Year 7.  Our experienced Head of Year 7, Miss Steer,  works with the primary schools, visiting them and speaking to the teaching staff which allows us to support your child when they arrive at Belvoir.  We have a transition day early in July and all our new students are invited.  This is generally followed by a short parent meeting and we host a separate pop up uniform shop on site where our experienced uniform providers (Uniform Direct) can help parents and students with uniform essentials.  Students are split into five tutor groups with a dedicated tutor and have a designated tutor base and outdoor area (Debdale) as well as being able to use our fantastic seven acre playing field on site.   


What does a typical school day look like? 

The school day typically consist of five one hour lessons with a mid-morning break and lunch break.   In addition, there is an extensive extra-curricular programme which runs at lunchtime and afterschool

8.40am                 Registration

9.05am                 Period 1

10.05am               Period 2

11.05am               Break

11.25am               Period 3

12.25pm               Lunch

1.10pm                 Period 4

2.10pm                 Period 5

3.10pm                 End of the academy day.


How will my child get to school?


Students in Catchment or those entitled to concessionary travel 

The local authority plan and organise transport for all students in the catchment area of the academy.  Bus passes are issued directly by Leicestershire or Lincolnshire School Transport (depending on your location) in the summer before your child starts with us.  If you are unsure as to your child’s eligibility for concessionary travel, you will need to contact your host local authority.

Leicestershire 0116 3056588

Lincolnshire 01522 782020

Nottinghamshire County Council 0300 5008080


In addition to the Vale villages, there is a service from Dry Doddington/Westborough/Long Bennington/Foston and a service from Allington/Sedgebrook and Woolsthorpe.



Students out of Catchment

We have a growing number of students travelling to the academy from outside the catchment area.  Here are the details of transport options to and from Bottesford which may help with planning purposes.


Lincolnshire side:


Vectare run a return service to the village from Grantham bus station.  Route 93 departs at 7.36am and runs via Barrowby Gate and Sedgebrook arriving in the village at 8.01am.  The return bus leaves the academy site at 16.38 reversing the above route and arrives at Grantham bus station at 17.02.


Autumn Term Tickets for Vectare service 93 from Grantham to Bottesford are now available to buy through an online shop Fares and tickets - Vectare.  If you have any queries or concerns, please use the different contact methods here - Help & Support - Vectare


East Midlands Trains run a return service to the village from Grantham train station.  The train departs at 7.54am arriving in Bottesford at 08.07am.  The return service leaves Bottesford train station at 16.14 arriving at Grantham train station at 16.27


As with all public journeys – please check the details carefully.  Vectare - Local and School Bus Services


Nottinghamshire side:


East Midlands Trains run a return service to the village from Bingham Train Station.  The train departs at 8.00am (calling via Aslockton at 8.04am) arriving in Bottesford at 8.11am.  The return service leaves Bottesford train station at 15.55, stopping at Aslockton at 16.02 arriving at Bingham at 16.06


As with all public journeys – please check the details carefully.


Nottinghamshire County Council have commissioned a school service (973) operating the following route:

Pick up  Orston – 8:05, Aslockton – 8:10, Whatton – 8:14, Granby – 8:21, Sutton cum Granby – 8:23, Elton – 8:25, arrive at Priory Belvoir Academy site – 8:30am.  Depart Priory Belvoir Academy site at the end of the academy day reversing its journey (see above).

All enquiries to access this service including entitlement (concessionary or fee paying) and places, please visit   or ring Nottinghamshire County Council on 0300 5008080


What if I am unsuccessful in gaining a place for my Year 7 child?

If you are unsuccessful in being allocated a place, please do not be disheartened as places can often become available.  Due to our geographical location, there is a complex process across three local authorities, involving appeals and there is often movement so places can become available.  In general, although there is no guarantee, all families that wanted a place have been allocated a place by the end of August.  For any unsuccessful families, the academy operates a waiting list until 31 December each year for all unsuccessful applicants.  Your child’s position on a waiting list will be determined solely in accordance with the oversubscription criteria set out for the relevant year group.  If a places become vacant we will allocate the places to children on the waiting list in the order determined by the oversubscription criteria, irrespective of the time they have been on the waiting list. The waiting list will be reordered in accordance with the oversubscription criteria every time there is a new applicant, an applicant’s details change or an applicant leaves the waiting list. You will need to inform the academy of your new address and any other new contact details if you move house while on the waiting list.  Once the waiting list has closed on 31 December, you will need to reapply if you wish your child to join the academy at a subsequent point.


Do I have a right of appeal?

Parents or carers of all unsuccessful applicants have a right of appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel. The appeal panel is set up under the School Admission Appeals Code. Details of how to make an appeal will be provided when a parent is informed of a decision to refuse their child a place at the academy.