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Reading is the foundation on which the rest of education is built. With this philosophy,  we at The Priory Belvoir Academy are embedding various initiatives to enable students to access reading at all levels. These currently range from the excellent catch up reading programme called Lexia, to specific reading lessons in English, to such things as simply encouraging reading out loud in all subjects. 

In September 2018 we launched Accelerated Reader. The AR programme is simple: students read a book of their choosing, suitable for their reading age and then complete quizzes (mini-tests) on them, receiving certificates and rewards for not only their comprehension of texts but also for the number of words they have read, which makes make reading not only pleasurable and beneficial, but also competitive. In school they will read most mornings in tutor time and during special reading weeks which we call 'Belvoir Book Weeks.' During these weeks students will read for the first 15 minutes of every lesson. Obviously we will strongly encourage reading to take place at home as well.

To that end if you have any surplus books at home, that are age appropriate please feel free to donate them to the school library. Ideally these books need to be AR registered. You can check to see if they are by using this search engine. Obviously we will do this if you haven’t got time. Also, if you feel like donating new books here is our Amazon wish list:

Any books donated (that are AR)  will be marked with a commemorative sticker, detailing who has made the donation, if you so wish.

Kind Regards

Mr M Oliver                                             Mrs H Richard

Deputy Headteacher                        Head of English