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Reading at Priory Belvoir Academy: 

Reading is an integral part of Priory Belvoir Academy. In order to promote a reading for pleasure culture, our school has a fully stocked (8,000+ books) library with a full-time librarian. The library is open to all students during break and lunchtime, in addition to this, all Year 7 and 8 students have a dedicated library lesson once a week. These library lessons provide students the opportunity to borrow and return books, read 1:1 with their English teacher, contribute with informal book talk, and read a novel as a class.  

In order to further promote a love for reading, students are given a ‘Reading Journal’ where they can track their reading, by completing various activities and tasks about the books they have read. English teachers, form tutors and the librarian will be able to check these journals regularly, and rewards will be handed out every term, for the tasks completed.  

We recommend that all students read for at least 20 minutes every day, outside of school. We have recommended reading lists for every year group; these can be found in the school library and on the school’s website.